Atlantic Hotel & Spa Riccione: eco-luxury spa with sea water pools!

Walking barefoot on the sand and bathing in sea water in wintertime.

Well, you might think I was at the tropics … or perhaps in Sicily …

Nope!.. I’m in Italy … but I’m in Emilia Romagna, in Riccione precisely!

Yes, I have returned to the Riviera where I spent a wonderful weekend in October … that felt like summer!

It’s true I was lucky with the weather for the sun was very hot and the sky was clear (and they tell me it still is today that we are in mid-november) but it’s thanks to the wonderful hotel I stayed at if I really felt like I was being back at the beach!

I have stayed at Atlantic Hotel & Spa Riccione, a beautiful four star superior hotel right on the seafront of Riccione. Now let me tell you why it is so special (and eco-friendly!)

The only Eco-luxury Spa with sea water pools and beach sand

Apart from being an elegant and refined hotel, its uniqueness lies in having the only spa of the whole Riviera Romagnola with sea water pools! That’s what I call eco-luxury travelling!!

You got it right!! Both the beautiful Atlantjde swimming pool and the many hydromassage pools at Atlantic Spa are filled with real sea water, which is constantly pumped from the Adriatic Sea a few meters away from the hotel, purified and heated!

This means that there is no chlorine, it respects the environment so it’s sustainable, the skin doesn’t get dry and even draws the benefits of sea water even in wintertime!

In fact, the pool area can be uncovered during summer or heated with this bright glassy structure during winter season.

And it doesn’t just end here: this year’s big new entry is the Atlantic Winter Beach, the beach area next to the pools with fine and heated sand! So basically inside this beautiful structure you see in the pictures it’s as if we were in a sort of “indoor seaside” where we have all the elements we would find on the beach, and the environment is heated to 30 degrees with controlled humidity!

So children are free to play in the sand wearing their swim suits, the more sporty ones can enjoy a swim in the long pool run on the treadmill overlooking the beach, those looking for total relaxation will just lay die on the sunbeds enjoying the warmth radiated by special thermal panels placed on the ceiling, and in between activities everyone can indulge in some delikatessen from the bar …  just like on a real summer beach, just like in the “we are in Riccione” mood!!

I find this really genius, agree? And I forgot to mention: walking on heated sand has great anti-inflammatory effects! 😉 Eco-friendly wellness!

Moreover, as we turn the corner, we enter the Atlantic Spa wellness centre: the most modern and elegant spa in Riccione! With its 200 square meters, it has a Finnish sauna, steam baths, ice crystals, indoor and outdoor hydromassage and can also be reserved for private events, birthdays or romantic couple memories. Fantastic!

Mediterranean-style at Atlantic Hotel Riccione

After the spa I’m going to enjoy the sun setting onto the Adriatic sea right from my balcony! My room at the Atlantic Hotel & Spa Riccione was also very very pretty and special, as the Mediterranean-style décor and furniture recalled the interior design of a yacht! White walls, blue ceramics and mirrors alternate with classic Vietri decorations and fresh orchids.

A bright and cozy place with beautiful views onto beach!

Green Restaurant: one of the best restaurants in Riccione 

Another flagship Atlantic Hotel is proud of is undoubtedly the Green Restaurant, the best restaurant in Riccione!

In a romantic and elegant setting, with a seasonal dehor, Green Restaurant is known for its fish specialties, particularly the fish crudité, transformed into masterpieces by chef Pasquale Riccio.

This autumn, the Green Restaurant will host a series of special evenings with guest chefs from all over Europe! Let me remind you that this Friday, November 17, Chef Pasquale Riccio will host in the kitchen of Green Restaurant Chef Edward Pellicano, Michelin star at Portland in London!

What better time to escape from the winter fog and enjoy a weekend of healthy food and thalassotherapy?!

In the same room with a splendid covered veranda overlooking the waterfront, a rich breakfast buffet is served. The seafront walk in Riccione has been renovated a few years ago, and it is now a pleasant walk in any time and season. I used it to have really nice and energizing morning runs right in front of the hotel!

Start saving the date, because Atlantic Hotel & Spa Riccione is preparing some great surprises for New Year’s Eve … keep an eye on their website! The idea of ​​a nice glass of champagne immersed in sea water in the middle of winter sounds pretty exciting to me!

Atlantic’s older brother: Nautico Hotel

Finally, the modern Atlantic Hotel & Spa also has a “bigger” brother. A historic name in Riccione, within walking distance is the Nautico Hotel, where I spent one night too.

The rooms have been completely renovated in the first months of 2017 and here too brightness, light colors, mirrors and large windows make the environment fresh, young and relaxing. From my balcony I witnessed a spectacular dawn on the Adriatic!

The little gem of Nautico Hotel is the panoramic rooftop pool! I could not make use of it because it was under maintenance that day. It’s on my to-do list for my next stay! 😉

Both at Atlantic and at Nautico I have found highly professional and kind staff, that were always happy and available to fulfill my wishes … in a few words, I’ve had a real pampering weekend!!

Although you can’t go back time … you can definitely go back to Riccione!! See you soon!!

Atlantic Hotel & Spa and Ristorante Green:

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