Sleeping in a wooden cabin in the Italian Alps: my eco-luxury weekend at Yolki Palki mountain village!

Sleeping in an eco-friendly wooden cabin in the mountains and waking up in a snowy paradise

Since the first snow flakes of the year, I’ve been longing to live such an experience and feel a bit like Heidi winter version!

So some friends recommended a lovely place just two hours drive from Milan. Set in the upper Val Bognanco, just above Domodossola, one of the seven valleys of the well-known Val d’Ossola.

Famous for its natural thermal springs and for being the “valley of the 100 waterfalls“, the starting point for excursions such as the Cascata del Toce, Monte Rosa or the Valle Vigezzo, at 1250 mt hidden in the woods we find lovely and sustainable Yolki Palki Mountain Village!

Yolki Palki: eco-luxury accomodation in the Alps

A village made up of charming wooden chalets, caravan places with small house, camping pitches, restaurant, games room, sports fields and even wellness area, where the only noise you hear is the snow falling in winter and the birds that chirp in summer!

A true eco-friendly and sustainable paradise! It’s true that I wanted to play Heidi, but I admit that I still wanted to feel safe in a well-organized place.

As an accommodation, I chose the pine chalet, in perfect eco-luxury style! Two bedrooms, bathroom with hot water and modern shower, small living room with a well-equipped kitchenette and a magnificent veranda with a view!

We got there for sunset and the first night we cooked dinner in our cabin and spent the evening looking at the stars! Few other times have I seen a sky so full of stars!

One-day trip between Lake Maggiore and Switzerland

The next day, after a walk through the village with snowshoes provided, in an hour’s drive we arrived in Locarno, Switzerland, passing through cute villages along a beautiful scenic road!
Actually, our initial idea was to take the panoramic train but unfortunately we missed it by a whisker, and so we opted for the car. Small contingencies of traveling! It’s always good to have a plan B … or at least make it up on the spot;)

Given the beautiful day, walking on Lake Maggiore in Locarno was a blast! In the afternoon we got back in the car and within 20 minutes we reached Bellinzona. I had never been there, what a beautiful city!
After a delicious mulled wine we climbed the UNESCO world heritage castle from where we admired the sunset and, ça va sans dire, took a ton of pictures!

On our way we stopped in Domodossola to see the Christmas markets before heading back to our village.

Typical Piedmond dinner

That evening we really wanted to taste some typical mountain food, so we had dinner at the restaurant of Yolki Palki, where we ate amazing polenta and local cold meats and cheeses!
The owners of the village, which is exquisitely family-run, entertained us with a lot of fascinating stories about these mountains, nature trails, waterfalls, thermal springs, and also the many local producers who work every day to keep their traditions alive, offering their guests gourmet products of the highest quality!

Just what I love to experience and write about!

Another evening with an upturned nose, before going under the covers of our adorable little house that was waiting for us warm and cozy, thanks to the very functional heater inside!

What a wonderful feeling! There was us and nature, nothing else! The starry sky, the sound of the wind, the moonlight and the glare of the snow.

And in the morning I woke up to this view:

I am happy that many of you have already asked me about this enchanted eco-luxury village, if you missed it take a look at my video-story, and I can only announce that I can not wait to tell you all about this experience in summer version!

See you soon Heidi, see you this summer!