Titisee lake: road-tripping in the Black Forest on the trail of the Grimm Brothers!

Third and last stop of my ecoluxury road-trip around the German Black Forest among fairytales, tree houses, thermal baths and tasty recipes.

I have arrived on the Titisee, one of the most enchanting lakes of the Schwarzwald!

Lake Titisee is located in the southern part of the forest, also called Hoch Schwarzwald, and was created from the fusion of the waters of the Feldberg glacier.
“See” means lake in German, while Titi seems to derive from the Roman emperor Titus.

A paradise of outdoor activities and water sports, and a joy for the eyes … I feel like I am standing inside of a postcard!!

Titisee is a fairytale destination

More than 2km long, the Titisee is the largest natural lake in the Schwarzwald, 40 meters deep and surrounded by beautiful lush hills on which to trek, before venturing out on numerous outdoor activities such as windsurfing or sailing, or a relaxing cruise from shore to shore.

I must admit that this time I opted for a cruise…with a sweet treat!
Yes, it is possible to get off the boat at the Alemannenhof boutique hotel to enjoy a lunch or a snack with a view from the beautiful terrace of the café Alemannenhof, before continuing with the cruise. Highly recommended!

The Titisee-Neustadt is the spa town on the lake, and with its nice restaurants, pretty cafés, handmade cuckoo shops and decorated buildings it is one of the favorite destinations for the Germans to spend the weekend, as well as by international tourists for a detox holiday.

Handmade Cuckoo Clocks were invented in the Black Forest

Have I already told you that cuckoo clocks were invented right here in the Black Forest by the watchmaker Franz Ketterer in 1738?
I couldn’t resist and so I bought a handmade clock too… strictly with pinecone-shaped counterweights of the pendulum mechanism!

Let me also tell you a little anecdote: when the master craftsman showed me the various models to choose from, all different but all equally beautiful, among many drawings of flowers I pointed at one with a design of red berries. His reaction was “Excellent choice! You chose the most original and identifying one of the Black Forest, because the red berries are our cherries from which the world-famous Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, the Black Forest Cake with cherries, is made! Often tourists prefer the inflated drawings of edelweiss, but it must be said that these flowers are not typical of our areas but of Switzerland, to which too often the invention of the cuckoo clock is mistakenly attributed”

Once ordered, the master craftsman will specifically build a brand-new clock for me and send it over. I cannot wait for it to arrive!

In addition to the Black Forest cake with cherries, another local specialty you should try is smoked ham … to which a museum is also dedicated!

Hotel Saigerhöh: thermal resort on the Titisee

During my stay on the Titisee I stayed at Hotel Saigerhöh, an elegant and modern wellness resort on the slopes of the hill overlooking the lake.

Those who know me can well imagine my heart-shaped eyes when I walked into my room 😍

I couldn’t have wished for a prettier and cozier room!
The entire hotel is classy and refined, starting from the fireplace in the bar area, to the wonderful windows of the restaurant.
Needless to say, relaxation and well-being are the key words, and the spa of Hotel Saigerhöh is an oasis of peace where to rejuvenate body and mind!

Action Forest adventure park from the perspective of a squirrel

After getting pampered, it’s time to get active! I’ve always wanted to try an adventure park with tree climbing, although I strongly suffer from vertigo, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to face my fears!

A short distance from the pretty cafés of the Titisee-Neustadt we find the Action Forest, a huge and well-equipped adventure park whose motto is: experience the forest from the perspective of a squirrel.
And that’s exactly so! With different levels of height and difficulty, between ropes and ziplines, the staff helps you discover the forest from a different perspective!

The Grimm Brothers and the Black Forest Pantheon

From the Titisee, with a few-kms drive one can encounter several other fairytale landscapes and villages. And I’m not using the word “fairytale” as a metaphor, but literally!
Most Grimm Brothers novels in fact, such as Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and many others, are set in the Black Forest!
Just take the car and let your imagination guide you, you will discover picturesque spots and centuries-old traditions!

Menzenschwand, for example, is the village of illustrated books, a fraction of the largest Sankt Blasien, where the Black Forest Pantheon stands out among the typical houses!
It is a former Benedictine abbey whose dome dating back to 1783, clearly inspired by the Pantheon, was among the largest in Europe!

In Menzenschwand I had lunch at the charming Hotel & Gasthof Waldeck at the foot of the highest peak in the Black Forest, the Feldberg mountain!
A tangible passion and expertise, seasonal products and recipes handed down from grandmother to niece have made me fall in love with this family-run restaurant, opened in 1956!

And how could I resist climbing to the top of Feldberg for the sunset? In winter it’s a popular ski facility, and its cable car Feldbergbahn can be used in summer too to enjoy the panorama of the highest peak of Baden-Württemberg, from which you can see the Schluchsee lake and on clear days up to Mont Blanc!

In addition to the beautiful lakes there are also many waterfalls in the Black Forest. I admired that of Menzenschwander, which closes the valley of the Menzenschwand glacier to the north.

Another day of beauty and adventure! Now time to return to Hotel Saigerhöh for dinner!

Badeparadies of Palais Vital

Another super popular attraction in Titisee-Neustadt is the Badeparadies: a 6,000 m² spa and wellness paradise!

With its rich and diversified proposals it is really something unique, suitable for both adults and families! Palais Vitale with its ” lagoon” of over 300 m² with a water temperature of about 33 ° C, Palm Oasis to experience a tropical dream in the heart of Germany, Galaxy with over 23 water slides where families can play all day!

Well, do you need any other reasons to visit this incredible and multi-faceted Forest? I was really enthusiastic about my trip and I’m sure you will be too!

If you missed the first two episodes of my road-trip you can read my article about Bad WildBad and my article about Baiersbronn.

And if you need more advice … leave me a message!