Punch: the functional boxing experience by Virgin Active!

My fitness 2018 starts off with a kickass and irresistible brand new Virgin Active workout: Punch, the functional boxing!

To be honest with you, I have never been a fan of boxing and combat sports in general, even though my mum is a karate instructor, but just like every single time I found in the new Virgin Active offer the perfect mix of technique and fun, intensity and toning.

In fact, Punch is not your classic boxing, fitboxing or kickboxing lesson or whatever you want to call it … Punch is a real functional training experience, consisting of interval trainings of punch bag techniques alternating with functional workouts with the use of small new generation tools such as TRX, Kettlebell, Med Ball and Plates.

All this in a super motivating and adrenalinic setting: lazers, music, lights, screens made me get away from reality, forget the pain and imagine I was in a videogame, where in order to move to the next level I had to give my best and “punch out” all the energy of the day!

I actually think this type of training is very suitable for the female audience, as it allows to release tensions in a fun way and makes us feel stronger and bolder! I was really hyper!

Punch has been studied in two formats:

Punch Class Studio 1 present in all 33 VA clubs of Italy:

An hour of free-body training, with the use of ropes (jump rope) and “strikers” on the hands. The training phases will alternate empty boxing routines (shadows) with functional exercises. Each participant will thus become the coach (and motivator) and the hitter!

Punch Boxing Studio available in 14 selected clubs in Italy:

In some clubs there are (or will soon be) some brand new beautiful “boutique” studios, specifically designed to host 16 to 20 participants.

The phases of the training will have the participants split into 2 groups: while one group will train punching the boxing bag, the other group will do functional training routines with tools as I explained above.

I really recommend you try it out guys (and girls!), I’m sure it will “strike” you 😉

Virgin Active Italy: