Rimini Wellness 2016

As I landed from the States I was hyper to attend Rimini Wellness the following day!

The fit expo was real fun, tons of amazing instructors, classes, new gym equipment, brands, gymwear, sneakers, exhibitions, competitions, food…

I walked and trained all day with my new model of Vibram FiveFingers KMD SPORT LS…an upgrade of the previous model I so constantly wore in Cali 🙂

Coach Sergio Rossato held a functional training class which we could attend either barefoot or with Five Fingers. Awe-inspiring as always! My fave part is when we walk on different surfaces feeling the grab with our feet, and Sergio always wisely reminds us how to listen to our feet, trick them in order to push them out of our comfort zone, and eventually re-adjust our posture and perception of the body.