Off to Cannes!

So here we gooo! I decided to add a new “travel” section on the website, solely dedicated to travelling, instead of mixing my travel and fitness posts in the “thoughts” section. Hope you like it guys! Let’s go! 😉

After a full day training, arriving in Cannes on the lovely French Riviera and plunging my feet into its warm sea is a total refreshment!


And not only that…stretching on the beach at sunset is MAGIC! Look at this! It’s both elegant and fine yet chilled and silent.

Did you know that in the 10th century Cannes was known as Canua? Probably deriving from “canna,” a reed. Canua was quite surely a small Ligurian port and afterwards it was a Roman outpost on Le Suquet hill, in fact Roman tombs were discovered here.

Le Suquet housed an 11th-century tower which overlooked swamps where the modern city actually stands. Most of the ancient activity took place on the Lérins Islands, in fact Cannes’ history is closely tied to the history of the islands.

At the end of the 19th century several railways were built and luxury establishments opened for the rich winter clientele.


Wait a sec…am I in Cannes, or in LA? 😜 After two months in California I kinda had a flashback…


I had a night stroll through the climbing, winding cobbled lane Rue St Antoine in Le Suquet, the old quarter of Cannes.  This area is the original fishermans’ residential area of Cannes, and the streets were laid out about 400 years ago. Fascinating!!


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