Why I love Double Serum by Clarins, the most innovative serum since 1985!

Dear friends, it’s been a month now that I’m using Double Serum, the global anti-aging treatment by Clarins, and I couldn’t be more satisfied!

First of all, Double Serum is a cult serum, launched by Clarins in 1985, the first ever serum to combine water- and oil- soluble plants.

Today, Clarins presents its 8th generation, making it even more effective and complete for all ages, with 20 +1 plant extracts!

The goal is to stimulate the 5 vital functions of the skin:

1 hydration: re-activating the self-healing power of the skin

2 nutrition: promoting absorbtion of nutrients

3 oxygenation: protecting microcirculation

4 protection: protecting cells from oxidative stress, fighting free radicals

5 regeneration: strengthening the fibers of the dermis

Did you know that cells actually communicate? When cell communication is attacked or altered by external factors or aging, the 5 vital functions lose their delicate balance.

After studying hundreds of plant ingredients, Clarins has found the most effective ones at decoding the language of youth, combining them into this dual formula made of 20 plant extracts such as banana, avocado, marigold, goji berry, kiwi, quinoa, salicornia, ginger, mango and turmeric extract, highly concentrated in turmerone, the key molecule in plant communication.

Absolutely revolutionary!

I would also like to point out that, as always, Clarins is very committed to respecting the environment and local populationsDouble Serum has organic plant ingredients, fair trade agreements, eco-friendly packaging.

This is why I love Clarins!

And as the perfect end to my working week, I went back to the beautiful Clarins Spa in Virgin Active Course Como Milan to do my favorite body treatment, Expert Silhouette, that I’ve extensively written about some months ago.

Clarins always knows how to take care of me!