Unlimited You – Nike London 2016

Last weekend I was invited to take part in Nike’s “UNLIMITED YOU“: a ground-breaking, high-intensity workout experience in the heart of East London!

While world champions had just finished competing at the Olympic Games, we too were pushed to run faster and train harder by Nike Trainers, in partnership with Barry’s Bootcamp and Kobox, to experience that no one can define our own limits but ourselves…and even then we don’t have to stop but instead we need to DEFY our limits! Because our body has unlimited potential we don’t even know of, we just need to get out of our comfort zone and have UNLIMITED WILL and spirit!


My stay in London was fantastic. Amazing and enthusiastic team, inspiring workouts, galvanizing coaches, entertaining music and light games! We did work hard, but we had tons of fun doing it!

We started off with a Kobox session with a lazer-beam boxing ring and a nightclub atmosphere…where fightclub meets nightclub. “We ain’t here to take part…we here to take over!” 👊


After the Kobox session, we joined Barry’s Bootcamp consisting in running + training groups. In front of us was a LIVE orchestra playing, dazzling visuals and we were running on new-generation Technogym treadmills! 💞

I have posted a few vids on my Instagram account, both for Kobox and for Barry’s Bootcamp, go check them out now!! Words can hardly describe these multi-sensory experiences!

For Kobox we were given Nike Free Tr Focus shoes, and for the running session the Lunarepic.

IMG_20160821_115637IMG_20160822_130131XXX trains harder than ever before at the launch of Nike Unlimited You. An immersive training event like no other at 89 Brick Lane on August 18, 2016 in London, England.

This experience was nothing short of EPIC! Thank you Nike and thank you everyone involved!

I’m not sure how I’ll return to workouts without a live orchestra, lazers and visuals now though hehehe 😉